SCT-650 Switchgear CT

SCT 650 Switchgear CT|


Switchgear Current Transformers (SCTs) can be used for measuring, revenue metering and protection applications inside of both switchgear and medium voltage breaker apparatus. Peak Demand SCTs are designed and manufactured in accordance with customer specifications and industry standards.


The core is constructed from wound layers of electrical grade steel. The core is wrapped with insulation to protect the windings from damage. Cores are wound with enamel coated copper wire to ensure against potential short circuits. The core and coil assembly is insulated with a polycarbonate plastic case to provide for long life in indoor environments. Secondary terminals are brass #10-32 screws with a flat washer, lock washer and regular nut.

Technical Specifications

  • Primary currents: up to 4000 Amps
  • Secondary current: 5 Amps
  • BIL: 10kV (600V)
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Inner diameter: 6.50” [165mm]
  • Outer diameter: 9.88” [251mm] x 9.88″ [251mm]
  • Depth: 3.39″ [86mm]
  • Rating Factors: Up to RF 4
  • Metering Class: 0.3%
  • Relay Class: Up to C200

Compatible Medium Voltage Breakers

All Eaton VCP Styles; GE Power/Vac; Square D Type FG-2

Cross Reference

GE ITI 780, 781; GE JAG-0; ABB SCV; Amran CT101, CT102

Test Reports

Each SCT has a unique serial number which allows the customer to track each test record. Certified test reports and curves are stored electronically and provided with every shipment.


UL File #E492538