Pinnacle Series™ Porcelain Pin Insulators

Porcelain Pin Insulators|


Porcelain pin insulators are designed to support distribution and sub-transmission conductors, typically in a vertical orientation, by threading the insulator on to a pin installed on the crossarm or pole. Conducting cables are secured to pin insulators with the use of wire ties.


Technical Specifications

  • Cantilever Strength: Up to 3000 lbs
  • Neck Type: C, F
  • Neck Finish: Semi-conductive glaze
  • Voltage Class: 15 – 46kV
  • Leakage Distance: Up to 27″
  • Impulse Flashover: Up to 310kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz


Peak Demand’s Pinnacle Series porcelain insulators are manufactured using a wet porcelain process and cured in an environmentally controlled production facility to ensure a complete and even cure of the porcelain while also resulting in the highest quality surface finish.