OEM Porcelain Components

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Peak Demand offers a variety of high quality, custom porcelain components for OEM manufacturers of switchgear, switchboards, live and dead tank breakers, transformers, GIS and other power equipment. These components are used in a wide variety of applications such as bus supports, through bushings, wall bushings and insulators.

Technical Specifications

  • kV Class: 0.6 – 550kV
  • Processes: Wet and dry process
  • Production: High volume tunnel kiln
  • Finishes: ANSI Grey, IEC Brown, sky blue and white glazing


Our modern porcelain production facility has the capability to produce both wet and dry type porcelain components with a high level of consistency. Our facility operates a high speed tunnel kiln for high volumes at competitive pricing levels.


Each OEM porcelain component is custom-designed to meet your exact specifications. Our high-volume production facility keeps your direct costs low and our local warehouse is stocked to meet your quick-ship needs.

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