OEM Machined Components

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Peak Demand offers a variety of high quality, custom components for OEM manufacturers of switchgear, switchboards, live and dead tank breakers, transformers, GIS, and other power equipment.


These components are used in wide variety of applications such as primary breaker terminals, primary switchgear disconnects, CT housings, GIS/GCB bushing terminals, GIS and transformer CT turrets.

Technical Specifications

  • kV Class: 0.6 – 550kV
  • Materials: Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Bronze
  • Processes: Casting, forging, conventional and CNC machining, welding, CNC laser cutting, stamping, surface treatment, heat treatment
  • Production: Components, sub-assembly, final assembly
  • Finishes: Tin plating, silver plating, powder coating
  • Tolerances: +/- 0.0001″


Our state of the art production facility has the capability to cast, CNC machine, stamp, punch, weld, form, and assemble steel, aluminum, and copper materials. We can provide a variety of surface treatments such as machining, grinding, painting, and plating as well.


Each OEM component is custom-designed to meet your exact specifications. Our high-volume production facility keeps your direct costs low and our local warehouse is stocked to meet your quick-ship needs.

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