Summit Series™ Composite Deadend Insulators


Deadend insulators are designed to support conducting cables in tension or suspension with one side fixed to a pole, cross arm, or guy wire.

Technical Specifications

  • Specified Mechanical Load (SML): 70kN (15,736 lbs)
  • Voltage Class: 15 – 35kV
  • Length: up to 20.1″
  • Shed Diameter: 4.17″
  • Leakage Distance: Up to 39.1″


Peak Demand’s Summit SeriesTM Composite Deadend Insulators (CDI) are engineered to exceed the industry standard for Specified Mechanical Load (SML) by more than 50% by certifying our units to a rating of 70kN, when the industry standard is a mere 44.4kN. Peak Demand CDI’s are constructed to withstand harsh grid conditions with high-strength fiberglass rods and hydrophobic silicone polymer molding.  Our high pressure manufacturing process ensures complete adhesion of the polymer to the inner fiberglass rod without voids.