Summit Series™ Composite Deadend Insulators


Deadend insulators are designed to support conducting cables in tension or suspension with one side fixed to a pole, cross arm, or guy wire.

Technical Specifications

  • Specified Mechanical Load (SML): 70kN (15,736 lbs)
  • Voltage Class: 15 – 35kV
  • Length: up to 20.1″
  • Shed Diameter: 4.17″
  • Leakage Distance: Up to 39.1″


Peak Demand’s Summit SeriesTM Composite Deadend Insulators (CDI) are engineered to exceed the industry standard for Specified Mechanical Load (SML) by more than 50% by certifying our units to a rating of 70kN, when the industry standard is a mere 44.4kN. Peak Demand CDI’s are constructed to withstand harsh grid conditions with high-strength fiberglass rods and hydrophobic silicone polymer molding.  Our high pressure manufacturing process ensures complete adhesion of the polymer to the inner fiberglass rod without voids.


Peak Demand Deadend Insulator Dead End Specifications specs DS-15 DS-28 DS-35