Fuse Cutouts

Fuse cutouts offer protection of distribution line assets from current surges and overload conditions.


Test Reports
All cutouts have been or will be tested to IEEE C37.42. All tests have been done at globally recognized labs. Test reports are available by request.


Verified Interchangeability
We tested interchangeability because we know it’s critical to utility customers.
Peak Demand’s fuse holders have been tested for fit and thermal heat rise in the fuse supports of other manufacturers’ cutouts. These tests prove that Peak Demand’s fuse holder and fuse supports fit and function in the fuse supports or the fuse holders of other manufacturers.


With verified interchangeability, Peak Demand cutouts will be easily deployed and serviced.


The Peak Demand Advantage

  • Local assembly and stocking available for just in time delivery.
  • Designed and engineered to meet customer specifications.
  • Fast turn-around time for custom quotations.
  • Friendly team of industry veterans with decades of experience serving utility customers.

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