Alta Series™ of High Accuracy 600V Metering Current Transformers

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Alta Series Family of High Accuracy Current Transformers





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All Peak Demand 600V metering CTs are now RUS listed.


High accuracy current transformers have been independently verified to produce higher revenue for a utility.  By using a low loss metal core, a high accuracy CT will more accurately reflect the amount of current flowing to a meter. The higher the level of current being recorded by a meter leads to more accurate readings – and higher revenue.

See our article on High Accuracy CTs in our Knowledge Center.



How the Peak Demand Alta Series of high accuracy, extended range CTs help a utility.

• Increases revenue with higher accuracy at lower loads

• Consolidates number of CT ratios

• Reduces inventory items

• Standardizes meter multipliers

• Lessens the risk of incorrect CT sizing


Accuracy Definitions

The IEEE C57.13 standard defines several accuracy classes.  The three revenue grade accuracy classes are shown below. The Peak Demand Alta Series CTs exceed the highest rated accuracy level defined by the IEEE by accurately measuring current within +/- 0.15% down to 1% of nominal current.  No 600V metering current transformer has better accuracy.