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Peak Demand offers a wide variety of transmission, distribution, substation and OEM products that are commonly used by utilities. From high voltage bushings and current transformers to insulators and components, Peak Demand has the products you need with the quality you demand.

Bushing Current Transformers

Bushing Current Transformers
Peak Demand offers bushing current transformers in a variety of configurations for high-voltage circuit breaker and power transformer customers.

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600V Metering Current Transformers

Peak Demand Alta Series Current Transformers

600V metering current transformers are used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications where revenue class metering is necessary for billing purposes.

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Switchgear Current Transformers


Switchgear Current Transformers (SCTs) can be used for measuring, revenue metering and protection applications inside of both switchgear and medium voltage breaker apparatus.

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Distribution Insulators

Distribution insulators are engineered to mechanically support power lines while safely insulating any surrounding objects from conducting voltage.  Insulators maintain a non-conductive air gap that separates the conductor from a ground path and resists electrical, mechanical and even environmental stresses throughout the distribution system.

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OEM Components

OEM Switchgear Components

Peak Demand offers a variety of high quality, custom components for OEM manufacturers of switchgear, switchboards, live and dead tank breakers, transformers, GIS, and other power equipment.


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The Product Overview brochure covers the Peak Demand product offering for both utility and OEM customers alike.