Increasing Revenue with High Accuracy CTs

Increasing Revenue with High Accuracy CTs

By Stephen Schaefer Stephen is a guest author for Peak Demand’s Knowledge Center and editor of Learn Metering found at

Increasing revenue is something that we all want to do. High accuracy CT’s can help us achieve that goal. When it comes to instrument rated metering installations we have to remember that our meter is only as accurate as our CT’s. So, the first step in making sure we are accurately measuring our metering installations is making sure we have the most accurate CT’s installed.

Standard Vs. High Accuracy

This is where high accuracy CT’s come into play. Remember that standard current transformers are only guaranteed accurate to within 0.3% from the nameplate value to the rating factor. Also, standard CT’s are 0.6% accurate from 10% of the nameplate value up to the nameplate value. This means that for a common 600:5 CT that anything below 60 amps is not guaranteed to be measured accurately. So, what do you do?

You install a high accuracy CT that is 0.15% accurate from 5% of its nameplate rating through the rating factor. Now, using the same 600:5 ratio as an example, we are now able to measure down to 30 amps with 0.15% accuracy. This is high accuracy CT’s are used to help with increasing revenue.

Where can high accuracy CT’s help with increasing revenue?

One of the places where high accuracy CT’s can help with increasing revenues are department stores or industrial factories that have been converted to warehouse space. These types of customer changes can cause revenue losses because the infrastructure that was put in for these larger customers who have now left or have converted their spaces is no longer being utilized.

Let’s say that the customer was doing some small scale manufacturing and decided that the space was no longer big enough for its manufacturing needs. So, they decide to move into a larger space and convert this previous space into warehousing. Let’s keep with the standard 600:5 for this example. For this example let’s also assume that the rating factor of this standard CT was three. We are also going to assume that we were using this rating factor. Meaning that this was a 1200 amp service and we installed 600:5 CT’s with a rating factor of 3, to make sure that the CT’s were as saturated as possible.

The customer in this example typically pulls around 750-800 amps. This is well within the range of our standard accuracy 600:5 CT’s. Now when they leave, they take all of the manufacturing equipment with them and only leave a few lights. There new load is now only around 40 amps. They do not need to heat or cool the space because what they are storing does not require it. So now, the standard 600:5 CT is not guaranteed to measure the 40 amps accurately.

What if we had installed a high accuracy CT?

If we had installed a high accuracy CT to begin with then we would not be worried. The high accuracy 600:5 CT is able to measure down to 30 amps with 0.15% accuracy. This means we capture those 40 amps and we do so accurately. This is how high accuracy CT’s play a vital role in increasing revenue.


In conclusion, if you are concerned with increasing revenue make sure that you are giving a look to high accuracy CT’s. They can be placed anywhere your standard accuracy CT’s are and can instantly start increasing revenue. High accuracy CT’s help mitigate low current situations such as when large customers move out or convert. If you are in the market for high accuracy CT’s check out Peak Demand Alta Series CTs.

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