Local and Global Operations
With four global manufacturing operations, over 3 million square feet of factory space and over 100 design engineers, Peak Demand is ideally suited to meet your product needs. We can leverage our partner factories in China for a cost effective solution or we can ship with lower than industry standard lead times from our local factory in the United States. We can also warehouse your products locally and ship to meet your “just in time” inventory needs and still keep your business moving.

Wilson, NC

Peak Demand operates a 60,000 ft² factory/warehouse in Wilson, NC.  Peak Demand will manufacture, assemble and warehouse products for our customers locally in the United States for quick shipment and high quality.

Products Manufactured:

Jurong Factory

Factory in Jurong, China

The factory in Jurong, China is a 1.6 million ft² facility focused on high voltage bushings, insulators and instrument transformers.

Factory Highlights:

  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • HSMS 18001 certified
  • Porcelain and composite bushings up to 550kV
  • Composite insulators
  • Bushing current transformers for high voltage breakers and power transformers
  • Outdoor instrument transformers encapsulated in epoxy and urethane
  • Components including terminals, flanges, turrets and stainless steel cabinets

Henan Factory

Factory in Henan, China

The Henan, China factory is a 1.4 million ft² operation focusing on high voltage porcelain bushings for GIS and SF6 breakers as well as station class porcelain arresters. The Henan province is globally known for having the best natural resources for porcelain manufacturing.

Factory Highlights:

  •  Production of bushings from 15kV up to 1,100 kV
  • 30+ years of experience
  • 300 employees

Susong Factory

Factory in Susong, China

The 250,000 ft² factory in Susong, China produces all the copper and aluminum castings that are used in Peak Demand products such as terminals, CT cases and GIS turrets. The Susong factory is outfitted with state of the art testing equipment for both R&D and routine testing.

Factory Highlights:

  • Spectrum content analysis testing equipment
  • Tensile strength machine
  • HBS hardness analysis
  • Microstructure analysis